What is a Prissy Tomboy?

Hello again Queens!

I know some you may have been thinking and wondering, “So what exactly is a Prissy Tomboy anyway?” When developing my brand my baby, one of my ultimate goals was to create something that felt like a sisterhood, ya know? A tribe of unique yet like minded women that others and myself could bond with despite our geographical boundary lines. One thing I do know is that my brand is not for every woman! I would be crazy to think every woman would describe herself as a Prissy Tomboy BUT at the end of the day, I do believe that more of ya’ll can identify with the “term of endearment” than not!

We have embarked on a time where more and more women are no longer wanting to conform to what society thinks they should be, especially my melanated sisters. We want to break molds and not be put into a box of any sorts! Oh my goodness, it’s such a beautiful thing to see ya’ll flourishin’ in so many different ways! YASSSSS!

Anywho, I digress! While I think The Prissy Tomboy culture is more than just a few bullet points, I just wanted to share some of them with you. 

She is an eclectic, savvy and strong (mentally and physically, but most important spiritually) woman who enjoys the process of life and remembers that it is a journey, not a sprint.

She is a queen who recognizes that she is beautifully and perfectly flawed and ebbs when others flow.

She lives a colorful life, is full of pizzazz and spunk, and embraces her differences with no need of validation from ANYone.

She loves stilettos but sneakers are her first love. With a closet full of closes, she loves to play “dress up” for special occasions, BUT you can still find her sporting a pair of denim jeans, a graphic tee and some fresh sneakers or casual flats on a typical day.

Overall to know her is to love her. She’s a self-professed foodies, she never settles for less than what she wants, obstacles don’t hinder her; they grow her. She loves to travel and gain experiences from different people and places, and the lifestyle world is her oyster.

Are you a Prissy Tomboy?

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