Who Is Patty B.?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. {Proverbs 13:12}

Hello Queens! First things first. Some of you may know me but for those that don’t, allow me to introduce myself to you all! My God given name is Patrice but more affectionately I am known as Patty B. Born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia which may not be considered a southern state by some; I am a self professed G.R.I.T.S. For those who aren’t too familiar with the acronym it stands for Girl Raised In The South! I am a sassy multi-faceted creative that thrives off of culture, swanky ambiances, very good food, meaningful relationships and so much more!

As a creative visionary, I am a passionate woman and that has been blessed with so many gifts and talents. Trying to figure out my purpose and knowing exactly how to integrate it with the “desires of my heart” has taken quite some time. I have to admit that it took some failures, deep soul searching, being honest with myself and allowing Jesus to “take the wheel” for the pieces to start to come together. In doing so, He ushered some dynamic women into my life that have assisted and continually assist me in organizing all of my thoughts, be examples of what it means to be confident (in Him) and how to curate a cohesive brand!

Even though I’ve served others by helping them bring their ideas to fruition visually, strategically building and curating a cohesive brand is a completely different thing. I have come to learn that brand strategy is in a league of it’s own. Strategizing is not a walk in the park by ANY means. The first haul of strategy sessions with Deonna of BrandSmash Studio are complete but the process still continues. God, who is such a good Daddy, is continually showing me how to walk in the true essence of myself through Him. My life coach Lioness Latrece Williams of McKnight Williams & Associates is showing me how to ROAR and confidently tell people who I am. My family, boyfriend and intimate circle of friends have been nothing but supportive through it all! There are periods of uncertainty where my fears outweigh my faith and I just wanna be “comfortable.” Some days are productive and some are not but through the good and the bad, I continue to push because this brand it not just for me but for ya’ll too!

With all that said, I am my brand. I am Patty B also known as The Prissy Tomboy who has been sassy since ‘83!


I am lifestyle blogger + event designer who shares effortless style, transparency and storytelling. I work with prissy tomboys and visionaries who want to embrace their uniqueness with dope and fresh products, stationery and invitations. I seek to help my clients stand in their purpose and create meaningful relationships through genuine connection; to cultivate fresh cultural experiences that are buzz-worthy; bring fun and change to social issues; and to get back to the old way of doing things by resurrecting the lost art of handwriting, gifting, and connecting.

This is just the beginning ladies and I will continue to keep you posted on everything that makes up the Patty B. brand. Matter of factly, sisters, I welcome you to hold me accountable to stay committed to the journey.

Peace + Blessings,


 Patty B. aka The Prissy Tomboy

14 thoughts on “Who Is Patty B.?

  1. Ivory Broughton-Claiborne

    I am soooo proud of you, Patrice. I’m really looking forward to experiencing this journey with you. I love you, cousin. Take care, Ivory B.

  2. Inetha Boone Rogers

    Patty B., you are a Lioness that R.O.A.R.S. with mighty STRENGTH…I SALUTE YOU!
    Your blog is informative & enlitening…Keep God first in all that you do and you will continue to keep up the great works of Patty B.

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